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CL4STEM research fellows gathering at TISS

CL4STEM writing retreat held at TISS, Mumbai

CL4STEM writing retreat to draft the final research report took place at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai with participants from Bhutan, Tanzania, Nigeria and India. The retreat which had commenced on the 6th February came to a close on the 18th March 2023.

During this retreat, the project research fellow team engage in collaborative writing sessions, brainstorming discussions, and peer review exercises to refine and finalize their research report. The writing retreat was facilitated by TISS experts, and research leads and research fellows from Tanzania, Nigeria, Bhutan, and India participated actively. The CL4STEM writing retreat at TISS provided a focused and productive environment for the research team to work on their research report, share ideas, and collaborate on writing. It provides a valuable opportunity for the team to bring together their research findings, insights, and analyses into a comprehensive and high-quality research report.

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