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A 2-Day International Symposium Organised on Teacher Professional Development

The Centre of Excellence (CETE), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India, organised a 2-day International Symposium on Teacher Professional Development in the Global South from 31st August to 1st September, 2023. The Symposium focused on the BRICS countries, the South Asian region and countries in Sub- Saharan Africa, including Nigeria and Tanzania. The Symposium featured speakers from 11 countries across the collaborators of various projects, comprising educational practitioners, experts, researchers and government officials from various parts of the globe. As a collaborating partner of the CL4STEM project from Nigeria, Mrs Mufida Bello Hussain (Teacher Educator from BUK) and Mr. Emmanuel Jatau (Ministry of Education representative from Niger state) were among the speakers at the event.
The Symposium organised as part of Teachers’ Day celebrations provided an enabling platform and forum for representatives from various countries with diverse experiences in teacher education, the opportunity to learn, provide insights and share their views.
In a thank you note, Prof. Mythili Ramchand, Co-Chairperson, CETE, TISS, Mumbai expressed her wish for the thoughts from the symposium to continue and keep informing the field of teacher education in and across countries in the Global South. The symposium was closed with the hope of furthering the discourses and practices in teacher professional development.